Social Skills

Big Apple After School Program

Organization: Big Apple After School Program (BAASP)


Phone: (646) 450-6210

Address: 416 East 80th Street New York, NY 10075


Big Apple After School Program (BAASP) is a new service in Manhattan for children ages 6-12 with social skills deficits.

Based on the behaviorally-oriented social skills of their sister summer camp, BAASP is an alternative to weekly social skills groups for children with various mild-to-moderate social-emotional skills difficulties, such as ADHD, Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism, Anxiety, and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.

BAASP has all the key ingredients of an evidenced-based psychosocial treatment: 1) intensive (2.5 hrs per day x 2 days per week x 10 weeks = 50 hrs of training); 2) occurs across multiple settings (classroom, sports, transitions, recess); 3) involves the parents and school via parent training groups and school daily report cards (DRC); and 4) utilizes a behavioral approach with points, rewards, and time-out. These characteristics facilitate more rapid acquisition and generalization of social skills at home, school and with peers.

Activities include explicit social skills training, homework tutoring, team sports, unstructured play, and group games. The Fall program runs from Oct 4th – Dec 15th, from 4-6:30pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Caedmon School at 80th St /1st Ave in Manhattan. There is a staff-to-child ratio of nearly 1:2, and there is two groups, ages 6-8 and 9-12.

The JCC Manhattan-Special Needs Programs

Organization: JCC Manhattan

Website:  or


Address: 334 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023

Contact: Melissa Lader-Director School Age Special Needs Programs & Camp Kulam

Phone: 646-505-5729


Contact: Hannah Cohen-Coordinator Special Needs Parenting & Support Groups

Phone: 646-505-4460


Contact: Allison Kleinman-Director of Adaptions-Young Adult Life Skills Network

Phone: 646 505-4367


You can find classes and programs for children of all ages and adults with wonderful learning opportunities and social interactions. For the child that likes to move there is soccer,swimming, gymnastics and karate. There is also music therapy, story pirates, drop-in art classes and even a tween and teen lounge. For the grown-ups there are a wide variety of support groups, lectures, and even a resource library.

Special Needs Activity Center

Organization: Special Needs Activity Center


Phone: 212 439-9996

Address: 220 East 86th Street, New York NY 11028

Snack provides activities after school and weekends for children ages 3-18 with autism and other special needs. They also hold many parent education lectures given by a wide variety of professionals in the area of special needs children.

Birch Family Services

Organization: Birch Family Services


Phone: 212 616-1800

Address: 104 West 29th Street, New York NY 10001

Birch Family Services looks to provide education, habilitation, and residential services to people with autism and other developmental disabilities. They have staff that speak many different languages and have schools and services throughout the boroughs of New York City.

Resources for Children with Special Needs

Organization: Resources for Children with Special Needs


Phone: 212 677-4650

Address: 116 East 16th Street, New York, NY 11113

Resources for Children with Special Needs (RCSN) is located in New York City and is the only independent nonprofit organization that works for families and children with all special needs, across all boroughs, to understand, navigate, and access the services needed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop their full potential.



Nesher Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Organization: Nesher Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities at the 92nd street Y


Phone: 212 415-5624

Contact: Melanie Mandel

Address: 195 Lexington Avenue, New York NY 10128

Nesher provides a series of recreation based programs, designed to strengthen and support the social development and learning experiences of children with developmental disabilities including neurological impairment, mental retardation, speech and language delays, learning disabilities, PDD, Asperger syndrome and Autism. Nesher supports social skills, fine and gross motor coordination, communication and language and academic skills. Nesher is staffed with experienced teachers, specialists and teaching artists, with a 1 to 4 staff to child ratio. Nesher programs are developmentally appropriate and are engaging and fun.