Summer Camp Availability!

Our friends at Harbor Haven Day Camp and Big Apple Day Program still have openings for their Summer 2012 day camp programs. Big Apple is in Manhattan and has scholarships available. Harbor Haven is in New Jersey but offers bus service from Manhattan.

AMC Theaters’ Sensory Friendly Films in New York City 

In a partnership with the Autism Society, AMC Theaters is presenting sensory friendly films for families with kids with special needs. They are shown on a monthly basis, with the lights up, the sound turned down and audience members are “invited to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing!”  More info here.

The Child’s Place for Children With Special Needs

At the Brooklyn Public Library, there’s a place where all children can relax, play and have fun. They provide unique programs for children with and without disabilities from birth to age 12.  Fostering an inclusive environment, this unique Brooklyn resource opens its doors to all children, parents, caregivers, and educators. Their free programs include: After School Stories, Weekend Programs, Read and Play, Parenting Workshops, Class Visits and Garden Club.  More info here.

Suggestions or Ideas

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The Center for Special Needs Support Groups

The Center for Special Needs Support Groups offers an array of support groups. These groups are designed to help individuals and families deal constructively with the range of challenges they face. The combined expertise of the facilitators and the personal experiences of the participants provide resources, networking, strategies, therapy options, emotional support and community.

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Big Apple Day Program

Big Apple Day Program is a Manhattan co-ed summer day program for children ages 7-18 with emotional, behavioral, developmental, and/or learning difficulties. It is an empirically-based, behaviorally-oriented program with highly-trained staff who integrate individualized goals with academic remediation, social skills training and recreational sports.

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Harbor Haven Day Camp

Harbor Haven is a seven week co-ed summer program for 3-15 year olds with mild to moderate special needs. It is located on a private school setting in West Orange, NJ. The program is dedicated to the concept that all children benefit from the magic of summer activities. They combine the most important elements of traditional summer activities with structured support, helping children to maintain and expand social, educational and communication skills.

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Nesher Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities

The Nesher Program at the 92nd Street Y provides a series of recreation based programs, designed to strengthen and support the social development and learning experiences of children with developmental disabilities including neurological impairment, mental retardation, speech and language delays, learning disabilities, PDD, Asperger syndrome and Autism.

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In The News

Plan To Relax Special Education Standards Worries Advocates

Disability advocates are chastising a group of Republican senators for proposing changes to federal law that they say would lower expectations for students with learning disabilities. The senators introduced a bill in September that would allow students with “the most significant cognitive disabilities” to be held to different academic standards and take alternate achievement tests. The […]

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Brooklyn Public Library – a Model of Community Inclusion for Children on the Autism Spectrum

On any given day, “Brooklyn” is the fifth largest “city” in the US notes an article published on the NYACTS website. “It stands to reason that its public library would be a sizable establishment with extensive programming…and within its many programs, Brooklyn’s is a public library that serves as a model of best practice for welcoming people with disabilities.

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Speed Bumps on the Way to an A.D.H.D. Diagnosis

The NY Times had a really interesting article on adult ADHD and how getting diagnosed can be complicated and doesn’t entail a simple test. It notes that more than 5 percent of adults have A.D.H.D., but just 10 percent of those adults have a formal diagnosis.

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Message From a Charter School: Thrive or Transfer

The New York Times recently published an article about the Harlem Success Academy 3 charter school in Harlem, a kid with special needs and the school’s seemingly unwillingness to deal with this child.  The article included a response from the school and it insistance that they do have other kids with special needs thriving in their program.  It also details the kid in question transferring and doing great in another program.  It’s an interesting and balanced read.  Read more here.

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City looking to reimburse parents for taking their children to school

SI Live published an article about a proposal to eliminate some Special Education busing and instead reimburse parents for taking kids directly to school and picking them up. The city is exploring the idea of reimbursing parents who take their Special Ed children to school as a way to save some of the $800 million it spends on busing kids to school. “They could come on public transportation, they might use their own vehicle, and they would be compensated for that,” Schools Chancellor Cathie Black said.

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Analysis: Parents, kids find budget pain in NY

The Wall Street Journal published an article about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal that would eliminate $98 million in direct state funding to help pay tuition at Special Education schools, which can range from $40,000 a year to more than $100,000. Cuomo would transfer most of that cost to local school districts, the way other special education programs are funded through a complex school aid formula that takes into account district taxpayers’ relative wealth.

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Special Needs Babysitting Article

The New York Times published a great article last fall about our friend Jennifer Choi and her babysitter who was trained at the JCC Manhattan’s special needs babysitting class. The babysitter, Catalina Lopez, was working with the family before she became “certified” to babysit special needs kids, but she said that the program helped her gain more knowledge and insight in handling special needs children. And, Jen gave her a raise.

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Retracted autism study an ‘elaborate fraud,’ journal finds

It’s been in the news for years. Many years. Vaccines cause Autism. The MMR vaccines causes Autism. It doesn’t cause Autism.  People have argued about this for over a decade.  And it’s in the news again.  The journal that published the original article scientifically linking vaccines to Autism retracted their article last year, and now say that is was an elaborate fraud.  Here are articles from the NY Times and CNN that have some unbelievable details about Autism, vaccines, lies, money and greed.

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Special Needs Mass

The NY Daily News recently published an article about a Queens church that holds a monthly Roman Catholic Mass for families with in which special needs. The kids are welcome, even if they have trouble sitting quietly for the length of a mass.

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